Mum ‘trapped in her own home’ after trench dug across her drive

A Hampstead mother was left without water and claimed she was unable to leave her home after a utilities company dug a trench across her driveway.

Thames Water drilled a long ditch in Redington Road to repair a leak to the water mains, stopping some residents in a block of flats driving out of their homes. The water supply was also turned off for a short time.

Jane Mordo, 50, claimed she was blocked in by the works and could not pick her daughter up from school last Wednesday (May 9).

Mrs Mordo, who works in property management, said: “It’s very dangerous and you can’t get out without someone standing on the road holding up the traffic and helping you out of the drive.

“It’s absolutely terrifying that Thames Water can cut off the water and the first you know is when they knock on the door.”

A spokeswoman from Thames Water apologised for the inconvenience and said the leak was fixed on Tuesday (May 14)..