Mum’s anger after Crouch End Waitrose refuses to sell her wine - without daughter’s ID

Annie Munday says she was outraged after receiving the snub

�A mother who was buying a bottle of wine at Waitrose in Crouch End has spoken of her outrage after a cashier refused to serve her unless her daughter showed her ID.

Annie Mundy was out shopping with her 21-year-old daughter Jessie on a busy Monday afternoon when she visited the supermarket to pick up some garlic bread, olives and a bottle of white pinot grigio.

But when she got to the checkout, the cashier refused to sell her the bottle unless her daughter showed ID proving she was 18.

Indignant Ms Mundy said: “This is just ridiculous and I think everyone in Crouch End will be outraged.

“I am her mother. If I want to buy a bottle of wine and give my 21-year-old daughter or 17-year-old son a glass then that is not illegal. It really made me angry.”

The jeweller, from Stroud Green, claims that when she challenged the cashier, she was told it was store policy to ask anyone who looks too young to drink for ID in case the accompanying adult is buying them alcohol.

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“This is ridiculous,” Ms Mundy added. “My son is 17 and if I came in with him I just wouldn’t get served. I would have to leave him outside while I did my shopping. And parents with 13-year-old daughters might not want to do this.

“If a teenager wanted to get a stranger to buy them some alcohol they wouldn’t go to Waitrose. This is a vast over-reaction.

“Crouch End is full of middle class mums who are out shopping with their teenage children during the summer holiday. This will mean they have to ID every other person. It is bonkers.”

The cashier eventually agreed to let Ms Mundy buy the wine, although when she contacted Waitrose customer services they insisted this was store policy.

The mum-of-two, who has been a loyal customer since the store opened around a year ago, said she will think twice before returning to Waitrose to buy a bottle of wine.

“I feel really let down,” she said. “This has annoyed me so much that I want to warn other parents that if you go to Waitrose with your child you could end up being asked for their ID.”