Morrisons opens replacement store in Chalk Farm

The new store in Chalk Farm Road

The new store in Chalk Farm Road - Credit: Morrisons/Tim Kavanagh

Morrisons supermarket has opened its new "market kitchen" store in Chalk Farm.  

The smaller temporary shop opened last Thursday (February 11) in Chalk Farm Road, near its former store which is being rebuilt as part of the Camden Goods Yard housing development, next to Camden Market. 

The "market kitchen" will sell fresh takeaway items such as hot and cold meals, vegan food, grilled sandwiches, milkshakes and waffles. 

The replacement shop, which includes a pharmacy, was opened by three staff who have worked at the Chalk Farm Morrisons since it started in the 1990s. 

Store manager Michael Burrnett said: “We are pleased to open our temporary store while our existing store is being rebuilt.  

“We know it involves some changes for our customers but are excited to be able to offer our Market Street meals to our customers.” 

Inside the shop

Inside the shop - Credit: Morrisons/Tim Kavanagh