More victims of well-built man ‘aggressively’ barging into mums and their children

The woman claims she was pushed over by the Bald Faced Stag pub in East Finchley

The woman claims she was pushed over by the Bald Faced Stag pub in East Finchley - Credit: Archant

More victims have come forward to say they have been randomly pushed over or barged into by a well-built man in the Muswell Hill area.

One woman, who asked not to be named, said she was pushed to the ground in East Finchley by an attacker who came up to her and said: “Are you looking for a fight?”

“I fell over and was lucky not to be injured. If someone was to bang their head it could be very serious.”

She said the man assaulted her next to The Bald Faced Stag pub, in the High Road at around 8:30pm on March 21.

As reported in the Ham&High, discussing the strange incidents on Twitter, one mum said there have been five of six instances of a man marching up to women and their children and “aggressively” knocking into them.

Pc Sharon Rogers, neighbourhood officer for Muswell Hill, told the Ham&High that at least one such attack was recorded on Monday at about 9.30am in Queens Avenue.

She said the suspect was described as a white male, well-built, about 6ft tall, in his mid-to-late 30s and wearing casual clothes.

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The incident was logged as unsolved common assault, she said, adding that residents should call 999 if they witness an attack of that kind or 101 if they have information about an earlier one.

One mum, who did not wish to be named, said she was attacked while walking along Trott Road with her seven-year-old daughter and nine-year-old son on March 12.

She said she saw a stocky man coming towards her, who began to slow down as he got closer.

He pulled a windcheater hood over his face before speeding up and barging “right into my slight, small seven-year-old daughter”, she said, which sent the youngster “flying into the ground”.

The man then “kicked her scooter away and march on”, she added, which left her in “total disbelief and shock” – especially since her daughter was left hurt and crying.

The mum said: “She is still talking about the horrible man and we are all shocked by what he did.

“She was crying and said, ‘Why did he do that to me, mummy?’”.

Others have taken to private Facebook group Muswell Hill and Friends to reveal the same has happened to them with one saying: “It happened to us last Thursday. Near Pages Lane on Tetherdown

And another said: “Did you report it? It happened to me.

Another mum who was attacked with her child, said: “The more reports, the more seriously they take it and the faster they will get him. They can check CCTV and work out a pattern of where he goes. I’ve reported it but it is in a different ward but still Muswell Hill, I only did it when I read that it happened to someone else. I’m sorry to hear it happened to you. My daughter was very hurt.

Anyone with information should contact police on 101.