Missy Elliott wins Marylebone dog show

A popular dog show returned to Marylebone on Saturday with proud pooches and their owners strutting their stuff in St Marylebone Parish Church grounds.

Nearly 50 dog owners came along to take part in the competition at the weekly Cabbages and Frocks market at the church on the Marylebone Road.

A black pug called Missy Elliott stole the show, winning the overall award.

Rob Alleyne, seen on BBC Three show “Dog Borstal”, judged the show which also featured awards for “fastest waggy tail” and “dog with a spring in its step”.

Organiser Angela Cash said: “It was a really good day. The highlight for me was seeing the relationship between the owners and the dogs.”

The dog show was has been running twice annually for four years, and regularly attracts a crowd of 50 participants.