‘Middle-aged ravers’ apologise for rowdy Primrose Hill parties

Jeremy and Erin Morris. Picture: Dave M. Benett/Getty Images.

Jeremy and Erin Morris. Picture: Dave M. Benett/Getty Images. - Credit: Archant

A Primrose Hill woman blamed for throwing rowdy all-night parties with her husband has apologised for disturbing neighbours – and described their antics as “middle-aged ravers getting out of control”.

Matthew Wright. Picture: Suzan/EMPICS Entertainment.

Matthew Wright. Picture: Suzan/EMPICS Entertainment. - Credit: Suzan/EMPICS Entertainment

Erin Morris and her husband Jeremy, who run David Morris jewellers based in Bond Street, have been the subject of six noise complaints to Camden Council for parties held at their Regent’s Park Road home in the last 12 months.

Police have also been called to the home, which was previously owned by Mayor of London Boris Johnson’s parents, in relation to noise disturbance.

Neighbours such as TV star Matthew Wright have been forced to wear ear plugs to bed and take sleeping pills to cope with thumping “techno” music and noisy revellers spilling out into the couple’s back garden.

Mrs Morris, who bought the home with her husband three years ago for £5.2million, told the Ham&High: “We are middle-aged so it’s nicer to have people back here than go out to a club and what’s the point of having a great house if you can’t invite your friends back?

“We built this beautiful house and we have a really big family and we have lots of friends and maybe had too many glasses of wine and didn’t realise the level of the bass.

“I think it was a case of middle-aged ravers getting out of control.”

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Earlier this month, Mr Wright criticised the couple for a “lack of social responsibility” and Linda Seward, a writer and quilter who lives nearby, said she had been forced to take sleeping pills to deal with the noise.

The couple immediately upset neighbours upon moving into the house in 2011 with an application to build a basement gym and cinema under the back garden, which was rejected by Camden Council.

They have since built an underground “playroom” for their children at the house, which is close to a home recently purchased by Italian fashion designer Stefano Gabbana.

Mrs Morris said she would buy Ms Seward a “basket” to apologise for the disturbance but insisted Mr Wright had been “disagreeable” with her and her husband ever since the basement dispute.

She claimed “this year will not be the same” after installing “bass buffers” in the basement to “mask the sound”.

“I really should have gone around and said sorry but Matthew has been really disagreeable,” she said. “I don’t know what else to do in terms of the community.

“We participate in dog shows, we support all the local businesses. We pay more tax than anyone else in the road because you do it by size.

“We are very charitable people. I think it’s really important to give back to your community. Steps have been taken to mask the sound but we might possibly have another barbecue!”