Michael Palin makes Monty Python return by playing God in West End show

Michael Palin as God in Spamalot

Michael Palin as God in Spamalot - Credit: Archant

Michael Palin answers the prayers of fans who would love to see him return to the world of Monty Python this week. Sort of.

The comedian and broadcaster is adopting some heavenly white robes and flowing locks to appear as God himself in Spamalot, the West End musical written by Eric Idle and based on the troupe’s 1975 film Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

But it will be a brief return as Mr Palin is appearing for one week only, from Monday to Saturday, in a filmed segment.

The Gospel Oak resident is following in the footsteps of actor Simon Callow, who was playing God last week.

Both are appearing in aid of charity, with Mr Callow handing his fee to Keats Community Library in Keats Grove, Hampstead, and Mr Palin giving his to charity Action for Stammering Children.