Parents and carers session at free Ham&High mental health event

Bounce Forward

Bounce Forward - Credit: Bounce Forward

A charity focused on building resilience will lead a session for parents and carers as part of the free Ham&High: Our Community’s Mental Health event. 

Bounce Forward will run Mental Health and My Child, where parents can learn about resilient parenting, helping their children overcome setbacks and navigating uncertainty. 

“If we want to teach resilience, we have to model resilient behaviour,” said Elisha Hamilton, project development manager at Bounce Forward. 

“The evidence proves that resilience is the key to personal development."  

Ham&High: Our Community's Mental Health

Ham&High: Our Community's Mental Health - Credit: Archant

Bounce Forward runs practical resilience training for parents, carers, teachers and school staff – so they can pass on those skills to children and young people. 

Since April 2020, Bounce Forward has reached nearly 4000 parents through its Raise Resilience course. 

Mental Health and My Child will also look at “flexible and realistic thinking”, which, Elisha said, “lies at the heart of resilience”. 

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“It basically enables us to do the right thing at the right time and achieve the best possible outcome.” 

Bounce Forward

Bounce Forward - Credit: Bounce Forward

Elisha said the pandemic has made resilience more important than ever. 

“Everyone’s lives are very different, but this is something that every single person has experienced and gone through. It’s absolutely tested our resilience," she said.

The session will cover "optimism during uncertainty”, Elisha said, "exploring the link between what we think and how we feel and how we behave”. 

But she stressed that resilience is not just important in challenging times: “It is about overcoming setbacks but also making the most out of opportunities and thriving.

“The resilience skills that we teach, they’re something that everyone needs in everyday life.” 

Ham&High: Our Community’s Mental Health will take place online on May 21. Other events will include live interviews, Q&As with experts and panel discussions on subjects including religion and laughter. 

It is supported by citywide mental health movement Thrive LDN, the charity SANE, and Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust, and sponsored by Barnet Fostering and the UC Academy.

The full line-up will be announced shortly, an will feature guest speakers such as writer and journalist Alistair Campbell

You can book a free place at Ham&High: Our Community’s Mental Health by visiting