Mayors of London boroughs walk the ancient route taken by Dick Whittington 600 years ago

A traditional walk in which the mayors of London’s boroughs parade through the capital on the same route taken by Dick Whittington more than 600 years ago took place on Sunday.

The warmest day since last September saw London breathe a sigh of relief, but the mayors had to participate in their full ceremonial gear – red robes and heavy gold necklaces - on the walk.

Starting at The Whittington Hospital and ending at Mansion House, the mayors stopped to speak to shoppers and people at bus stops, who enjoyed the marching music and ogled at the majestic sight.

The walk is now used as an opportunity for the mayor of each London borough to raise money for their chosen charities.

Graham Holland who organised the walk on behalf of the London Mayor’s Association said: “We ask them to walk in any weather so they all had to wear their robes and they all had £25,000 worth of gold around their necks, so there were quite a lot of police too. “On one occasion a small boy watching didn’t believe that the Lord Mayor was leading the walk, and he stopped and explained to him for 10 minutes what he did!

“It’s always a hit and it always brings out a crowd.”