Brian Rose: Who is the London mayoral candidate in the suit on the billboards?

Brian Rose, London Mayor candidate

Brian Rose is running for London Mayor in the 2021 election - Credit: Brian Rose

"We think we’re going to pull off the biggest upset in British political history on May 6.” 

Brian Rose has courted controversy with his self-proclaimed free-speech platform London Real, which has hosted guests including David Icke, who has been accused of spreading antisemitic and anti-lockdown conspiracy theories. 

Despite that – and YouGov putting his polling in the low single digits – he expresses confidence about his chances in the London mayoral election.

Born in San Diego, he worked as a banker in New York, where he developed a heroin addiction, before moving to London in 2002 and got clean. 

Two years ago he moved to Hampstead with wife Mariana, and their three children.

He told the Ham&High Podcast: “I run the Heath, I jump in the men’s pond, I just absolutely love it. I think it’s one of the most beautiful places on Earth.” 

One of 20 candidates in the mayoral election, he has spent “seven figures” plastering himself around London on giant billboards, adorned in his distinctive suit and pocket square. 

Brian Rose with advert

Brian Rose funded a 72 metre digital political advert on Cromwell Road - Credit: Brian Rose

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The Youtuber and podcaster has more than two million subscribers on his London Real YouTube Channel. Defending his decision to host Icke, and other contentious guests, Mr Rose said: “Every week I challenge my team to put someone I disagree with in the chair, someone who makes me uncomfortable, because I believe the only way we can learn and grow is to listen to ideas that aren’t our own.” 

Mr Rose started campaigning in October 14, and in January he and his team were arrested and given penalty notices for breaching lockdown rules when campaigning in Southwark - something he says "undermines democracy".

The businessman’s 50-page manifesto outlines his solutions to London’s “crime epidemic”, rebuilding the economy, and the housing crisis. 

“Anybody can complain, I bring solutions," he said.

Top of the list is hiring 10,000 more police officers who represent London's ethnic, cultural and religious diversity, at an expense of around £300 million. 

His Corporates for Communities initiative would see Amazon, HSBC and Barclays funding youth centres and activities. 

“I can pick up the phone to the CEO of these companies - I’m not sure that the mayor can - and I can say I’ve got a win-win situation for you,” he said. 

Recent YouGov polls put Brian Rose at 2-3% of the vote, ahead of the May 6 ballot.

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