Maverick DJ sent to jail for harassing ex

A BBC DJ who is synonymous with one of Crouch End s leading restaurants has been jailed for three months

Tan Parsons

A BBC DJ who is synonymous with one of Crouch End's leading restaurants has been jailed for three months.

Andy Kershaw, 48, used to run Banners restaurant in Park Road - once a favourite hang-out of Bob Dylan - with his ex-partner of 17 years, Juliette Banner.

He was sentenced this week at the High Bailiffs' Court in Douglas on the Isle of Man and jailed for a second time after breaking a restraining order barring him from approaching Ms Banner. He had admitted breaking the order for a second time at an earlier hearing.

The High Bailiff Michael Moyle told Mr Kershaw his life was turning into a Greek tragedy but he had no option but to send him to jail. He said: "You seem hell-bent on destroying yourself and you do not seem to appreciate that the author of your destruction is yourself."

Mr Kershaw, who lives in Shore Road, Peel, was given a three-month suspended sentence in October 2007 after admitting harassing Ms Banner, 41, the mother of his two children, aged eight and ten, and was ordered to stay away from her. He spent six days in jail for breaching his bail conditions.

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At a hearing on December 11 the court was told Mr Kershaw appeared "hyper" as he walked up to Ms Ban-ner and her new partner, Glaswegian prison officer Jim Imrie, at Peel Breakwater on November 2. He gla-red at them before circling the couple and walking backwards in front of them. Ms Banner described his manner as "menacing and provocative".

Mr Moyle told Mr Kershaw that Ms Banner and Mr Imrie were entitled to be protected from his "unlawful activities". He said: "I genuinely regret that you, by your actions, have brought this state of affairs to pass."

Nigel Cordwell, defending, had earlier told the court that Mr Kershaw would accept any decision to imprison him "stoically". He added: "It is devastating to Mr Kershaw that he finds himself in this humiliating situation."

Mr Kershaw was first made the subject of a restraining order on August 1 last year, after his relationship with Miss Banner broke down, but he disobeyed it four weeks later.

The DJ, who has suffered from drink problems, started a new life on the Isle of Man and moved into a seafront home with Ms Banner and their children in 2005.

During his career he built a reputation at BBC Radios One and Three as an expert on world music, and held a rare interview with Bob Dylan at Church Studios in Crouch Hill - a tough interview which he later described as disastrous.

Banners restaurant, which is still owned by Juliette Banner, has been at the cultural heart of Crouch End since the 1980s. With iconic decor including old punk posters mixed with motor racing handbills, it evokes two of Mr Kershaw's lifelong passions - music and motorbikes.