Marylebone farmers’ market in jeopardy

Westminster Council announces plans to sell off car park site

THE future of Marylebone Farmers’ Market is under threat after Westminster Council announced plans to “dispose” of Moxon Street car park which holds the weekly market.

A letter sent by Cllr Melvyn Caplan to Marylebone residents this week revealed plans to sell off the site, which has been used as a car park for 20 years.

Restrictions on when the council can sell the site without being penalised run out next year and the council is considering the development of a new library as part of any redevelopment.

Marylebone Association chairman, Stephen Quinn, said he hopes a proper study will take place to determine the nature of the development rather than selling it off to a property developer to build high density housing.

“It’s a very important site in Marylebone, so if it’s sold off to the highest bidder for a developer to do what they want then that could be a potential problem,” he said. “If there was a sensible location nearby to house the market that may not be a problem, but most people would like to see it stay where it is.”

The market takes place in the car park every Sunday with 30 to 40 stalls selling a mix of food.

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Cllr Melvyn Caplan said: “We will be seeking interest and proposals for the site in the New Year, including suggestions on community uses as part of any redevelopment.

“I would like to stress that no decisions have been made.”