Mary Portas launches St Mary's Church fundraiser on 150th anniversary

Mary Portas launched the Primose Hill church fundraiser

Mary Portas launched the Primose Hill church fundraiser - Credit: St Mary's

Broadcaster Mary Portas has helped a Primrose Hill church launch its new fundraising campaign.

The renowned fashion consultant spoke to 100 socially-distanced guests as St Mary's celebrated its 150th anniversary.

The party on June 22 began with live music from renowned violinists Simon Fischer and Eve Kennedy.

Mary discussed her personal experience of feeling warmly welcomed at St Mary’s when she and her same-sex partner wished to have their child baptised.

Speaking about the Grow the Wonder fundraiser, she said: "I’m passionate about communities working together for the common good.

"And here at St Mary’s we’ve got a powerhouse of social action and spiritual nurture."

Curate at St Mary’s Primrose Hill, Reverend Em Kolltveit said: "There was so much positive energy about the plans to update our beloved but cramped building.

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"After the tough year we've all had, we're determined to open our doors to many more people and events and we need to pull together to make this happen."