Maida Vale driver finds novel way of avoiding traffic wardens

Car + bike stand = one very embarrassed driver

MIRROR, signal, manoeuvre… reverse on top of a bike stand.

It’s not the typical advice offered by driving instructors but one foolish driver did exactly that when they vaulted a Maida Vale bike rack last Tuesday

The car, which amazingly seemed to avoid any damage, defied normal car capabilities in leaping on top of the Sutherland Avenue bike stand.

Sutherland Avenue resident Grayson Darcy-Burton said: “London parking spaces are in short supply so people are obviously getting more desperate looking for a place to park their car.”

A Westminster police spokeswoman confirmed the accident occurred when a car reversed into the cycle bay but no one was hurt.

The driver’s pride, however, must have been somewhat dented after being forced to clamber out of the car in rather undignified fashion...