Lowestoft pan roasted cod, fondant potato, pea and broad bean broth

Lowestoft pan roasted cod, fondant potato, pea & broad bean broth


PotatoesPrepare potatoes by turning them into a barrel shape, place in to ovenproof dish brush with butter and half fill with white stock, season, cook until stock is fully absorbed.

BrothTo shell broad beans, blanch in boiling salt water, refresh after two to three minutes in cold water, take beans out of shells.Meanwhile add butter to pan and melt, add diced onion and cook for two to three minutes without colour (sweat), add white stock and cook for further four to five minutes or until sauce starts to thicken a little, add beans, peas and chopped parsley, little butter and season.CodPlace cod in seasoned flour, tap off any excess flour, in a pan add a little butter and oil, when hot place cod skin side down and cook for two to three minutes turn over and place in oven for a further three minutes.

Assemble in bowls, top with deep fried rocket.


For the fondant potato4 x medium sized potatoes1 litre white stockMelted butterSalt & pepper

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For the broth20g diced onion30g shelled broad beans30g peas250ml white stock5g butterSalt & pepper

Cod1 x 250g-300g pinned cod loinSeasoned flourButterOil