Lord’s on target for Olympics

New image shows what the ‘Home of Cricket’ will look like when it hosts archery next summer

IT’S Lord’s as you’ve never seen it before.

Temporary stands are placed on the hallowed turf, archers stand in front of the iconic pavilion and arrows are fired across the square as St John’s Wood plays host to archery for the 2012 Olympic Games.

This new image shows what Lord’s will look like for one week next summer when the stadium ceases to become the ‘Home of Cricket’ and adopts its role as the ‘Home of Archery’.

A total of 4,500 spectators will cram into the temporary stands which afterwards will be swiftly removed and the grass replaced in time for cricket to return when England host South Africa less than two weeks after the end of the archery. Competition will start with the qualifying rounds on July 27 and conclude with the men’s individual final on August 3.

Tickets for all Olympic events go on sale between March 15 and April 26 with archery tickets priced between �20 and �95 per session. In preparation for the Games, Lord’s will host an Olympic test event this October.