London underground worker becomes Facebook star

Warwick Avenue customer service assistant is a bit hit with his light-hearted messages

North Westminster has always had its fair share of celebrities – Ewan McGregor, Paul Weller, Leslie Phillips and Barbara Windsor to name just a few.

But another name can now be added to that list – Tim Pinn.

While he may not live the same celebrity lifestyle as his famous counterparts, the 39-year-old has recently been attending award ceremonies, getting recognised at work and even gaining his own fan club on Facebook with 280 members.

It’s not bad for a London Underground customer service assistant.

Six years after taking up the role at Warwick Avenue station, he has made such a name for himself that one look at the “We love extraordinary Tim Pinn” Facebook fan page shows messages from people in Canada, Spain, Germany and Australia – all of whom have met him at the station.

“A lot of people here get to know me over a period of time,” he said.

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“There was one family I met from France who came over for a couple of weeks and we have become good friends now. So much so that I went over there and stayed with them in Marseille.

“London can be quite a lonely city and people can be quite isolated. When people come onto the tube, it’s often the first chance they have to interact with someone in the morning or the last chance in the evening. I just try to be friendly with them so they start their day in a good way.”

Mr Pinn’s biggest success has been his humorous messages on the service information boards.

A common sight to regular commuters at the station, he says that some people have come to expect the messages so much that they are disappointed when he isn’t working.

But despite gaining recent recognition for his efforts – he received a special commendation after making the shortlist for frontline employee of the year at the London Transport Awards – he says he couldn’t be happier in his job.

“It’s very easy to move up in TfL and become a supervisor or manager,” he said.

“But I like the customer role I’m in and don’t feel the need to progress or go up the career ladder.

“It gives me so much job satisfaction and that’s worth more than the wage increase which I would get with a promotion.”