London Underground inspires snake-like tunnel art in Hyde Park

Spanish architect duo selganasco tell Alison Oldham about the inspiration for the 15th summer pavilion at the Serpentine Gallery.

“The most interesting place in London is the Tube, the place where you can sense the real dimension of the city and its complexity,” according to the Spanish architect duo selgascano. They were explaining the inspiration for the 15th summer pavilion at the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park. The design is always by architects with no permanent building in London.

Selgascano has created a playful structure, like a giant chrysalis, with secret corridors. A distorted X shape of spaces was formed from a double-layer skin in opaque and translucent plastic and a foil-like wrap stretched on a steel frame then embellished with brightly coloured plastic ribbons.

The architects hope that people will use it “in their best mood” but the pavilion itself, when visited in sunshine or at sunset, is a mood enhancer. It’s a space that brings the inner child out in adults and must be a memorable thrill for young ones. The Serpentine is running an online competition for eight to 14 year olds:

Open daily until October 18, 10 am – 6pm.

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