London Mayoral hopeful slams ‘divisive’ rivals Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone

The only independent candidate in the race to be London Mayor has hit out at rivals Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone for alienating minority communities.

Speaking on the eve of meeting the London Jewish Forum, who unveiled their London’s Jewish Manifesto, Siobhan Benita said London Mayors had been too divisive.

She said: “Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone before him have been really divisive towards individual community groups and certain boroughs.

“The mayor should be a role model. I am hugely supportive of multi faith communities. I would put a lot more time and effort on focusing on the similarities between groups.”

Her comments come after Labour Mayoral hopeful Ken Livingstone became embroiled in a row with Jewish Labour supporters over claims he told a private meeting he did not expect the Jewish community to vote Labour.

In a letter signed by Jewish Labour supporters at the meeting, it is alleged that Mr Livingstone said “votes for the left are inversely proportional to wealth levels” and suggested that as the Jewish community is rich it wouldn’t vote for him.

The London Jewish Manifesto was unveiled on yesterday (4) and included recommendations to tackle extremism in university campuses.