‘No hell on the Hill’: Boris Johnson’s PR team deny Primrise Hill ‘trashed’ on New Year’s Eve

Fireworks on Primrose Hill

Fireworks on Primrose Hill - Credit: Archant

The Mayor of London’s office has hit back at claims Primrose Hill was left “trashed” during New Year’s Eve celebrations, saying the thousands of revellers who came to the village “exited in an orderly fashion”.

Boris Johnson’s PR team disputed reports from residents, printed in this paper, that the area was subject to vandals, hooligans and even people defecating in the park.

Some 7,000 people are thought to have travelled to the Hill to watch fireworks displays on the Embankment.

Plans to ticket the fireworks, introduced for the first time for 2014/15, were scrutinised by the London Assembly’s budget monitoring sub-committee on Thursday.

Responding to claims put to her that the area was “trashed”, Emma Strain, assistant director for external relations at the Mayor’s office, said: “I would dispute that Primrose Hill was trashed.

“We had discussions with the Royal Parks in advance of the event and with the police that man the park as well.

“We talked to them extensively about the police provision and what should happen at Primrose Hill.

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“The police said that everybody exited in an orderly fashion and the park was closed on time.”