Milibands “neck and neck” in Labour leadership contest

Labour leadership count underway

THE outcome of the hard fought Labour leadership contest will be announced tomorrow ahead of the party’s conference in Manchester.

The counting is already underway in the ballot and most observers believe it is too close to call between the Miliband brothers.

Primrose Hill resident and former foreign secretary David Miliband was the favourite throughout the race until a week ago when polls declared he had been overtaken by younger brother Ed, who lives in Dartmouth Park.

Sibling rivalry between the Miliband brothers has overshadowed the contest, although both have now said they will serve in each other’s shadow cabinet.

Ed Balls, Andy Burnham and Diane Abbott are thought to be battling it out for third place.

Party members, MPs, MEPs and members of trade unions and organisations affiliated with the party took part in the vote.