Media scrum meets Miliband on his return to London

ALL eyes were on Primrose Hill on Wednesday afternoon awaiting the announcement of David Miliband on whether he intended to stay on in the shadow cabinet.

The world’s media flocked to the normally tranquil neighbourhood to catch the first glimpse of the elder Miliband, who lost the Labour leadership battle to his brother Ed on Saturday, as he emerged from his family home to reveal his decision.

Reports on Tuesday claimed that the former Foreign Secretary would rule out serving in his brother’s government.

Princess News owner Subhash Patel said: “It seems that there is a buzz in the air, there are lots of photographers around the area and everyone is talking.

“We are looking out of the windows to see what is going on – it’s not everyday that something this exciting is happening. Lots of people are coming in are talking about it - we always have something to talk about here.”

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