'Addressing the cost-of-living crisis in Haringey'

Labour won six seats in Haringey and celebrated the borough's first transgender councillor and Somal

Labour won a majority in the local elections in Haringey - Credit: Frankie Lister-Fell

The 2018-22 councillor term was dominated by the Covid-19 pandemic, and all the challenges that brought for residents – of course the obvious issues around the disease itself, but also the issues of isolation, mental health, domestic abuse to name but a few.

Sadly, it looks as though this term may well be dominated by another huge challenge – the cost-of-living crisis. It looks increasingly clear that the Tory government has little interest in tackling the crisis, and would rather focus on stoking tensions in the so-called "culture war".

Of course, that means that more and more will fall on local government. Lib Dem councillors in Haringey have always been focused on helping our residents with the means we have available, and that will remain our top priority throughout this term.

Cllr Luke Cawley-Harrison. Picture: Haringey Lib Dems

Cllr Luke Cawley-Harrison says this term will be dominated by the cost-of-living crisis - Credit: Archant

At the elections earlier this month our vote share, like the Labour Party’s, marginally rose here in Haringey. Unfortunately for us, that was not reflected in our share of the seats on the council, but we will use our mandate to continue on as the strong, constructive opposition we always aim to be.

In our role as the opposition, we will not be afraid to hold the administration to account when necessary, but support them when we believe they are doing the right thing by residents, and of course work together on the many things more important than party politics, such as the recent motion to make care experience a protected characteristic. Haringey was the first council to do so, and we are delighted to see that in the Independent Review on Children’s Social Care, it was one of the headline recommendations.

All councillors of all parties stood for election because we wish to improve our communities; make Haringey a better place to live, work and spend time in; and reduce the inequality that continues to blight our country, and I hope all councillors will live up to what is expected of them by residents over the next four years.

Luke Cawley-Harrison is councillor for Crouch End ward and leader of the  Lib Dem Group.