Local MP and government minister defends cuts

Home Office equalities minister Lynne Featherstone says comprehensive spending review cuts are difficult but fair

THE MP for Hornsey and Wood Green and government minister Lynne Featherstone has defended yesterday’s comprehensive spending review.

The Home Office minister for equalities said the review process was difficult but would “lead to fairness too”.

Haringey Council could lose around �60million over the next four years following Chancellor George Osbourne’s announcement that Local Government Spending will be slashed by 28 per cent.

But Ms Featherstone today released a statement saying: “The spending review process has been tough. The decisions we have had to take are difficult and we must not ignore the impact they will have on people and families in Hornsey and Wood Green.

“But in order to protect our economy, we must reduce the deficit, we must wipe the slate clean for future generations and we must face up to the difficult decisions.

“But alongside these difficult decisions we have worked to ensure the measures are fairly spread, in a way that promotes future fairness and future prosperity.

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“In Haringey there will be thousands of young children getting a better education because of our pupil premium, thousands of older people will benefit from the �2bn investment in social care and many more people are going be given access to apprenticeships.

“And our whole region will benefit from capital investments such as Crossrail, Transport for London, and the Olympics.

“We have a hard road to recovery ahead, but we are determined to ensure it is a road that leads to fairness too.”

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