Lib Dem conference at Haverstock School cancelled due to threat of protest

THE threat of a student protest has forced the cancellation of a Liberal Democrat conference scheduled to take place at Haverstock School in Chalk Farm this weekend.

The party’s London MPs were due to meet at the school on Haverstock Hill but the headteacher has cancelled the booking because the risks from the protest were too great.

Students had been planning the protest on social networking websites. The conference has been moved to an alternative venue, according to the school’s website.

Fiona Edwards, speaking for the Free Education Campaign protest, said: “The cancellation of the venue for the conference is yet another sign of the deep unpopularity of the Liberal Democrats’ policy on fees and is hugely embarrassing for the party.”

The vote by MPs on the raising of tuition fees in England to an upper limit of �9,000 will be held next week.

A number of protests will take place in the run-up.