Lib Dem and Green Party leaders make refugee call in Camden

Green Party leader Nathalie Bennett speaking at the Camden Citizens event

Green Party leader Nathalie Bennett speaking at the Camden Citizens event - Credit: Archant

The national leaders of the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party called for 50,000 Syrian refugees to be admitted to the UK at an event in Camden.

Tim Farron speaking at the Camden Citizens event

Tim Farron speaking at the Camden Citizens event - Credit: Archant

Tim Farron MP and Natalie Bennett made the demand at Camden Town Hall on Monday evening.

The event, which marked the fifth year since the Syrian conflict began, was organised by Camden Welcomes Refugees group and supported by Citizens UK.

Camden Council Leader Sarah Haywood also spoke and repeated her commitment to resettle 20 families in the borough.

Four Syrian families have moved in so far.

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Mr Farron said: “The Prime Minister is both heartless and foolish. It’s about media management – it’s not about solving the crisis

“Not only is the Government failing to tackle properly the biggest humanitarian crisis that we face they are also slashing the benefits of people who claim asylum.

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“Many of these people are fleeing persecution, war or torture. The Government seems keener to play divisive politics pitting one group against another (rather) than actually facing up to the issue.”

Miss Bennett, who lives in Camden, said: “One heart-warming development in recent months has been the development of the Refugees Welcome movement, which is both providing immediate practical support to refugees in Calais, in the Greek islands and here in Britain, and campaigning with great power and effectiveness for Britain to welcome its fair share of these people.”

Al Ahmed from the Camden Welcomes Refugees group said: “We all deserve stability, we all deserve a helping hand when we are forced into conditions that arise from circumstances beyond our control.

“Camden is a diverse, buzzing borough that is able to house and support Syrian refugees who are in need of a new home.

“With our hard work and collective effort, Camden can definitely reach this target.”

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