Karen Buck describes high-tension ahead of Miliband verdict

WESTMINSTER North MP Karen Buck has described the “high tension” in the run-up to the announcement on Saturday that Ed Miliband is the next leader of the Labour party.

The Dartmouth Park resident narrowly beat his Primrose Hill brother David to the top spot after securing the backing of the unions.

Sibling rivalry had overshadowed the Labour leadership contest with David being the favourite thorughout the race until the last few days.

Ms Buck, who supported Ed, said: “It very high tension – partly because it was played very cleverly building it up, which was fun.

“Counting the results through the rounds made it even more thrilling, but it was very good natured and people were laughing.

“Obviously those who were supporting Ed were delighted and those who didn’t were not.

“If you had eyes and ears you would know it was on a knife edge. It’s been on a knife edge all summer. I thought Ed was going to win so it didn’t surprise me.

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“Firstly if you’re on the losing side you’re going to be disappointed and even cross about it – no-one likes losing.

“While there are going to be people on the other side who might have been cross that David’s campaign has had a lot of money.”

All eyes are now on David Miliband and what he will do next.