Hundreds sign petition to save Queen’s Park sport centre

Hundreds of people have signed a petition calling on Westminster Council to scrap its plans to merge the Jubilee Sports Centre in Queen’s Park with the Moberly Sports Centre in Brent.

Earlier this year, residents were made aware of the proposals to demolish the Jubilee Sports Centre in Caird Road in order to build an improved �18million Moberly Sports Centre on its Kilburn Lane site.

But campaigners are urging the council not to shut the Jubilee and argue Queen’s Park would be less safe if the centre disappears.

North Westminster MP Karen Buck said: “I understand where the council is coming from. They are looking at saving money and they are looking at the site for development. But they have completely failed to tell people.

“The site in Brent is vastly less convenient for the majority of Westminster residents.”

But Cllr Steve Summers said that no decision had been taken as a consultation was underway.

“We encourage residents and stakeholders in the area to take part in the consultation, which concludes on July 8,” he said.

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The petition will be presented to the council on July 11.