Heating appeal from Highgate Newtown leaseholders rejected

Cllr Julian Fulbrook.

Cllr Julian Fulbrook. - Credit: submitted

Leaseholders calling for Camden Council to halt plans to install a new communal heating system on their housing estate have had their appeal rejected.

Members of the Highgate Newtown tenants and residents association made a deputation to full council on Monday urging the council to stop plans to replace their communal heating system until their concerns about the planned project are met.

Their objections include fears about the impact of the works on the “loved” architecture of the estate.

They also believe the current plans do not deliver “value for money”.

Responding to the deputation, Cllr Julian Fulbrook, cabinet member for housing, said: “For the most vulnerable residents on the estate who have been paying for electrical heaters when their heating has broken down, there comes a point where we really have to go ahead and help them.

“I’m not prepared for paralysis to affect those tenants who have had very difficult circumstances.”

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