Haringey’s cabinet rules proposed council tax hike won’t save day centres


Roundway - Credit: Archant

Day centres for autistic, vulnerable, and disabled people cannot be saved by using money raised from a proposed two per cent council tax rise, Haringey Council’s cabinet has ruled.

Under new government rules, councils can hike the tax in order to fund adult social care in the borough. Campaigners wanted the council to use the extra money to keep open day centres that it plans to close as part of cost-saving measures to make £70million of budget cuts.

But Cllr Jason Arthur, cabinet member for finance, told a cabinet meeting last night: “We do recognise that people want these centres, but we don’t believe the precept changes the pressures on adult social care.

“We are proposing to use that money to support a number of young people with complex needs and adults with learning disabilities, and protect care packages.”

But Mary Langan, from Haringey Autism Working Group, said: “Unfortunately there is no concrete detail for the ‘transformation project’ except to close down all day provision.

“There will be no in-borough provision for them to buy into.”

The 2016/2017 budget is due to be approved by full council on February 22.