Haringey protesters urge fight back, not cut back

Anti-cuts group march through Wood Green to protest against the Comprehensive Spending Review

FIGHT back, not cut back – was the message from campaigners as they marched through the heart of Haringey on Monday.

Just 48 hours before the Comprehensive Spending Review was announced yesterday, 200 anti-cuts campaigners let their views on George Osborne’s proposals be loudly known.

Outside the town hall, as they had done a month before, the alliance of unions and community representatives from across the borough shouted slogans and speeches to their councillors, making one thing clear – help us fight the cuts or resign and let us take on the fight with the coalition government.

Education campaigner Jenny Sutton told the crowd: “This government is taking money from the disabled, single parents, families and those on housing benefit – the government is allowing the poor to fall to the bottom.

“We demand our representatives demand adequate funding from the government, reject privatisation, oppose and refuse to implement the cuts.

“Our simple message is if you are not going to oppose the cuts you have to stand aside, resign and allow local representatives who are going to fight to stand and fight.”

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Simon Hester also called for council co-operation, saying: “The government want to go back to the 1930s before the welfare state – this is their strategy, this is why we have to unite, we have no option.

“We want the Labour council to say we are not going to take the cuts, we are going to stand up for the people.”

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