Haringey parking enforcement car breaks all the rules

CCTV car parks up on double yellow lines in Hornsey, a drop kerb and blocks the road - but it’s ok, says council.

FRUSTRATED Hornsey motorists held up by an illegally parked driver blocking the road received a shock this week – when they realised the car was a council parking enforcement vehicle.

The CCTV vehicle, which snaps drivers illegally parked as it moves around the borough, was parked on a lowered kerb on double yellow lines on Campsbourne Road, blocking traffic at 9am on Monday.

Eagle-eyed resident Lesley Ramm photographed the car – left outside a shop with its engine running – once she had parked herself, legally of course.

She said: “Unless council owned vehicles are exempt from the normal laws of the road I assume at least four were broken: a driver leaving a vehicle with the engine running, parking across a lowered kerb, parking on double yellow lines and parking so that the car leaves an insufficient gap for other vehicles to pass. Doesn’t exactly give them the moral high ground does it?”

A council spokewoman said: “The CCTV car was staffed at all times and was being put to proper use to identify parking and traffic violations. During the time the car was parked in Campsbourne Road, it was used to help officers to identify three contraventions. Operators of enforcement vehicles are permitted to park in restricted areas to carry out enforcement work.”

Camden Council enforcement vehicles have also been spotted illegally parked on Eton Avenue and Haverstock Hill.