Haringey Council elections: How do the parties compare?

Haringey Council office in Wood Green.

Haringey Council office in Wood Green. - Credit: Google Maps

Which councillors will you vote for in the next election?

With Haringey's council elections just around the corner (May 5), we asked Labour, Greens, Conservatives and Liberal Democrats what their priorities are for the borough.

Haringey Labour

One of Labour's top priorities is tackling the climate emergency.

"Labour will build on our existing 22 School Streets to improve safety and air quality outside our schools, and deliver some of London’s most ambitious Low Traffic Neighbourhoods and borough-wide cycling routes," a spokesperson said.

"We have installed 81 new Electric Vehicle charging points across the borough, and will deliver 400 more by 2026."

On housing, the party pledges to build 3,000 council homes by 2031 and "crack down" on "rogue landlords".

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The spokesperson continued: "Despite 11 years of austerity in which the Liberal Democrat and Conservative government cut real terms funding for local services by 40%, we have delivered a no-cuts budget." 

Haringey Liberal Democrats

The Lib Dems, who currently hold all the seats in five wards including Crouch End, Muswell Hill and Highgate, want to see a "fair recovery in a greener Haringey". 

Echoing Labour's calls for a more environmentally conscious borough, a spokesperson from the Lib Dems said they are prioritising a "green revolution". This involves supporting tree planting, active travel measures and opposing Labour’s "dangerous, polluting incinerator".

They will also "stop Labour’s £54 million council office upgrade and invest in residents’ priorities".

The party pledges to bring decision-making into local neighbourhoods, scrap the undemocratic cabinet model and provide "meaningful support for businesses and high streets".

Hornsey and Wood Green Conservatives

For the Conservatives, tackling knife crime and violence is high on the agenda.

Ben Obese-Jecty, chairman of the Hornsey and Wood Green Conservatives, said: "With 11 murders in Haringey last year alone, stabbings, shootings and some of the worst gang-related violence in London, it is shocking that neither Labour nor the Liberal Democrats appear prepared to acknowledge or tackle the crisis, which requires confronting uncomfortable cultural issues as well as a commitment to more effective policing of low-level crime."

He also pledged to freeze council tax, clean up the rubbish on our streets and invest more in electric vehicle charging points. 

"81 charging points is nowhere close to being able to sustain the coming demand with some wards only having one public charging point," Ben said.

Haringey Green Party did not respond in time for publication.