Ham&High in-depth analysis: candidates quizzed by community (part 11)

16) Are you in favour of rebuilding the Euston Arch? Would the redevelopment of the station be on the condition that the arch is restored? GL: There should be a full public consultation not just residents and businesses and communities. It s a national

16) Are you in favour of rebuilding the Euston Arch? Would the redevelopment of the station be on the condition that the arch is restored?

GL: There should be a full public consultation not just residents and businesses and communities. It's a national asset not just a local one but I am all for regeneration. SCORE = 3

JS: I would like the arch to be restored. It's a great shame that it was ever dismantled. SCORE = 3

NB: Yes. I think our environment also includes our historic environment and that's something which is much valued by the community. In terms of the Euston re-development I think it needs to be permeable so that walkers and cyclists are able to travel, east, west and north of the Euston Road. SCORE = 2

FD: Yes. I've always supported the campaign for bringing back the Euston arch and I think it should be a condition for rebuilding the station. SCORE = 4

17) What sort of pressure can an MP bring on councils to ensure that planning decisions are properly enforced and developers are thus not able to get away with ignoring decisions?

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GL: Our policy in terms of planning is to simplify the whole process We have to make sure decisions about local planning are made at as local a level as possible. If I become MP and we have a Tory council then we will make things a lot more transparent and get rid of the interparty rivalry that goes on at the moment. SCORE = 3

JS: I think there's a need to have a very close look at Camden's planning department. I've had lots of people speak to me about it over the years and they are generally not very complimentary. It's a shame that the Conservatives haven't used the opportunity of having the planning portfolio to sort it out. SCORE = 3

NB: I think practically one of the things an MP can do is ensure they are supporting residents and community groups so that if the council isn't doing its job, the MP can sign post and point out ways to ensure it's challenged. SCORE = 2

FD: I know the law is tricky for councils - a developer can dig a little hole and put three bricks in and claim they've started work on a site already. You need to strengthen the hand of councils in relation to local development. I've been involved with a number of cases - in Agar Grove, and with buildings at the back of Camden High Street opposite the Cobden Statue which have been derelict for years. The council have been fairly derelict in terms of enforcing decisions they have made. SCORE = 2

18) Are the candidates aware of the complexities caused by unnatural boundaries in and around Highgate and what can be done about them?

GL: There is nothing I can do about that. It is the electoral commission that looks at things like that. SCORE = 1

JS: Yes I'm aware of it. Highgate suffers from being in three separate boroughs and the local councils need to speak to each other more. A constituent recently contacted me because she wants a zebra crossing near her daughter's school in Hampstead Lane but she wasn't sure who was responsible for it - TfL, Camden or Haringey. SCORE = 3

NB: The reality is Holborn and St Pancras is one of the largest constituencies. We have to have a re-think about where the boundaries are. I think we're going to see significant re-drawing of boundaries in view of the growing population and where people live. SCORE = 2

FD: I'm not aware of any particular ones in Highgate. But I know from experience in Holborn and St Pancras, and City of Westminster and Fitzrovia that there are things like borough boundaries, ward boundaries and school catchment area boundaries and so on. They can be just a line on a map and not reflect the nature of communities. It can cause complications. SCORE = 2

19) What measures do the successful candidates plan to promote in relation to urgent action at national and international levels on climate change?

GL: We are committed to international agreements on CO2 emissions that is a pledge. We will also give everyone �6,5000 to insulate their homes to reduce their carbon footprints we want people to take responsibility for their own actions and encourage and incentivise recycling so we would pay them to recycle. We want people to generate their own electricity and come together as a community to generate their own electricity and then they can sell it to the national grid. I want people to take responsibility by changing their own lifestyles as much as they can. I would like to see scrap land and dormant building sites and ask the landowners to allow us to put allotments for people in there. They can then generate their own produce and sell it to local shops and restaurants. SCORE = 4

JS: To continue with my campaign against a third runway at Heathrow. Invite all the different countries together to talk sensibly following on from Copenhagen and make them set meaningful targets. SCORE = 3

NB: One sentence on that is slightly challenging. I think the MP has to address British carbon emissions because that's what we can have the most impact on. We want to reduce it by 10 per cent a year. SCORE = 2

FD: The best way of reducing air travel is to make terrestrial travel easier, better and quicker. I was always a supporter of the Channel Tunnel and advocated St Pancras should be the terminal for the tunnel. Anyone who flies from London to Paris or Brussels today is foolish. That needs to be promoted still. Nationally we need to put far more effort into saving energy in buildings - both homes and businesses. Whether you believe in climate change or not and whether you think humans are contributing to global warming or not there's no sense whatsoever in squandering our very limited future supplies of fossil fuels. SCORE = 3