Gaddafi son told: quit suburb NOW

A RESIDENT of Hampstead Garden Suburb is mobilising his neighbours in a bid to force Libyan dictator Colonel Gaddafi’s son out of their neighbourhood.

Dr Saul Zadka is leading a campaign against regime frontman Saif al-Islam Gaddafi – a former LSE university student who in 2009 bought a �10million house in the Suburb, home to the likes of TV presenters Jonathan Ross and Richard and Judy.

He says residents do not want to “live next to a mass murderer, even though he became a very acceptable figure among the British high society and political echelons”.

Hundreds of Libyans took to the streets of London this week to demand greater action against the notorious dictator.

Saif Gaddafi appeared this week on Libyan state TV while his father was in hiding warning that the streets would run with “rivers of blood” if the protests continued and promised that the regime would fight until the last man standing.

More than 300 people are said to have been killed in the violence so far and deep cracks have opened up in the 41-year regime of self-termed “King of Kings” Gaddafi.

Dr Zadka said: “His son is not mincing his words at all. We feel disgusted by the massacres that are taking place in Libya.

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“I am organising a meeting and petition against him next week because we do not want to have a mass murderer next to us.

“Many of the neighbours feel the same as me but they are scared of retributions. We want to force anyone associated with Gaddafi out of this house.

“But some residents were not even aware that he lived there. People in this sleepy neighbourhood need to wake up to this.”

Richard Madeley, who lives a stone’s throw away from the house owned by the dictator’s son, will be pleased that his neighbours are taking action.

He tweeted yesterday afternoon: “See Gaddafi’s hanging on by his fingernails. What an odious man. Like a great bloated spider, full of poison and malice. Not long now.”

Dr Zadka plans to petition the government to refuse Saif Gaddafi entry back to the UK.

War crimes expert and Suburb resident Chris Stephen says there is a way to freeze Gaddafi’s son’s assets.

Mr Stephen, who wrote Judgement Day: The Trial of Slobodan Milosevic, said: “If he takes command of any forces from his father then it is game, set and match for a war crimes indictment that can be brought against him in Britain.”

Other Suburb residents have questioned how they could possibly get rid of Gaddafi’s son while some were completely unaware of his presence in the leafy neighbourhood.

Resident David Harris said: “It is a free country so this is a difficult one. If this son is a war criminal he should be tried in The Hague, if not, where does this line of thinking stop? It’s a slippery slope.”

And Tony Ghilchik, who lives in neighbouring Golders Green, was one of many residents who were unaware that Gaddafi’s son lived in the Suburb.

He said: “I really do not care that he lives there as long as he does not try to impress his views on other people in the area. Nothing surprises me about people who have houses around here.”

MP Mike Freer said the government will not be encouraging anyone from the current Libyan regime to come to the UK.