French Camden councillor will become British citizen if Le Pen wins presidential election in France

Leila Roy in Paris with her son Anton

Leila Roy in Paris with her son Anton - Credit: Archant

French-born Camden councillor Leila Roy says she will apply for British citizenship if National Front leader Marine Le Pen wins France’s second election.

Anti-fascists outside the French Embassy, London, protesting against far-right leader of the Front N

Anti-fascists outside the French Embassy, London, protesting against far-right leader of the Front National, Marine Le Pen, following her advancement to the second round of the French Presidential elections. John Stillwell/PA Wire - Credit: PA

The Conservative councillor for the Belsize ward told the Ham&High: “I’ve already decided if Le Pen gets in I’m applying for British citizenship because Brexit might be bad, she’s so much worse.”

In results that have stunned many, former banker Emmanuel Macron will face far-right leader Marine Le Pen in a second election for the French presidency on May 7.

Leila Roy, whose son Anton, 12, attends the French Lycee International de Londres Winston Churchill school, in Wembley, was at the school on Sunday casting her vote with thousands of other French nationals.

She said of the result: “Frightening, disappointing, I do not recognise the country I grew up in.

“French politicians say do what’s best for your country and your children. I’ll do my “devoir republicain”. I will vote for Macron despite the fact that he was never elected before, he’s a socialist whatever he says and he is one of the makers of the current economic crisis in France.”

She said that fellow French citizens she’d spoken to were also disappointed by the result adding: “It’s not likely that anyone in London would vote Le Pen.”

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Journalist Ms Roy, who has lived in Britain for 15 years has always kept her French citizenship, but would become dual national if the election goes the wrong way.

Her comments came as anti fascist campaigners protested outside the French embassy, in Knightsbridge, London, last night against the “sickening” second-place result for Marine Le Pen in the first round of France’s presidential elections.

Unite Against Fascism accused the National Front leader of “rebranding” fascism and the threat it poses to Muslims, Jews and trade unionists.

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