Family petition Ministry of Justice for disabled prisoner Daniel Roque Hall to serve jail term at home

Kentish Town charity Winvisble and friends and family of severely disabled prisoner Daniel Roque Hall, will today (Thursday, October 25) present a 1,400-signature petition to the Ministry of Justice.

The petition asks that Mr Roque Hall, of Kilburn, who suffers from degenerative disease ataxia, spends his jail term at home.

Mr Roque is in University College Hospital in Euston after falling ill at Wormwood Scrubs Prison in September. He is serving three years for smuggling cocaine.

Yesterday (October 24) MP John McDonnell submitted an early day motion for debate in the House of Commons for Daniel Roque Hall to serve the rest of his sentence at home.

Claire Glasman, from Winvisible, in Wolsey Mews, said: “The petition in support of Daniel shows the wide range of support there is for him to be allowed to serve the rest of his sentence at home.

“Disabled people are commenting online about how strong the medical evidence is, and about his care needs which can’t possibly be met in prison.”

She added: “We understand that Glenda Jackson is writing to Home Secretary Theresa May in the light of her decision to stop the extradition of Gary McKinnon on grounds of ill-health. We hope the Home Secretary will have the same consideration for the life of this severely disabled man.”

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A judge has refused a judicial review into Mr Roque Hall’s time in prison.