Emotive Remembrance Day film projected onto Camden Town Hall

Emotive images of soldiers marching out to battle are being projected every evening on to the side of Camden Town Hall in the run-up to Remembrance Day.

The thought-provoking display was put on as a stark reminder of the sacrifice the armed forces made during the First World War and subsequent conflicts.

Swiss Cottage Cllr Don Williams (Conservative), was among a group of people who stood outside the town hall in Judd Street, King’s Cross, to watch the display.

He said: “The projection was very moving, but it isn’t just the projection – it is dressed in red and the soldiers marching in uniform prompt us to remember the difficulties or war and the sacrifices that people made.

“It is good that the young, old and middle aged, all remember these sacrifices, and hopefully, it will keep the next big war further away.”

The event, put on in partnership with the Belgian Tourist Board, was also a chance for people to learn about the French-speaking region of Belgium, in particular Mons, where Private George Edwin Ellison is believed to have been the last British soldier to be killed before the ceasefire.

Leader of the council, Cllr Nasim Ali OBE, said: “As we approach Armistice Day it is important that we play our part in remembering the sacrifice of others.

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“By working with the Belgian Tourist Board we will be able to promote the sale of poppies for the Royal British Legion, supporting the excellent charitable work they carry out with our brave servicemen, women and their families.”

The projection began on Monday evening and continues until today (Thursday, November 11).