Ed Miliband’s neighbours in Dartmouth Park fear mansion tax plans

Ed Miliband.

Ed Miliband - Credit: Tim Goode

Labour leader Ed Miliband may win the backing of voters across the UK for his mansion tax but he will have a harder job convincing his neighbours in Dartmouth Park.

The Ham&High asked residents living along the same road as Mr Miliband, where homes sell for more than £3million, for their views on his plans to tax homes worth £2million and above.

Architect Karen Berzins, 63, who lives a few doors from the Labour leader, said: “We don’t have any details on what it’s going to cost us. A lot of my friends are horrified.

“I think a lot more people will vote Conservative to be honest. I don’t think Labour can be oblivious to this.”

Natasha Michell, who lives ­opposite Mr Miliband, said: “The vast majority of the properties to which the mansion tax will apply around here are not mansions at all.

“I would be really interested to know if Ed Miliband has given thought to how in reality this tax would affect his own community.

“The government should do better to collect more taxes from large global firms who are profiting from trading in the UK.”

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Sebastian Taylor, 74, retired, also lives opposite Mr Miliband. He said: “I think it’s an excellent idea and policy, but not all owners have the income to pay.

“I bought my house for £23,000, 40 years ago, and now live on a state pension and other small ­income.”