Camden pays �3million to top council officers

JUST 23 council officers, each earning more than �100,000, took home more than �3million from the Camden’s coffers last year.

Figures released by the Tax Payer’s Alliance show that for 2009/10, the renumeration packages of 22 of those earning more than �100,000 included “performance awards”, of up to �11,000 for Chief Executive Moira Gibb. Her package also included a pension contribution of just under �30,000 for the year.

But Camden finance boss Cllr Theo Blackwell slammed the figures claiming they were “two years old” and did not represent the borough’s efforts to cut senior management posts and pay in the next budget.

Barnet Council saw the number of packages worth more than �100,000 increase from 25 to 30 from 2008/09 and nine officers earned more than Prime Minister David Cameron’s �140,000 wage.

Camden Council did not answer the TPA Freedom of Information request in 2008/09, so the figures for that year simply show that there were at least 14 members of staff with wages over �100,000. This means the figure for members of staff earning a package of �100,000 including pensions and bonuses (which are included in the 2010/11 figures) could be higher.

Five officers earned more than the PM.

Cllr Blackwell said: “We have reduced senior management posts and pay in Camden by 17 per cent next year to reflect everyone rowing together in the face of the cuts.

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“Corporate greed exists with fat cats in the city, who fund organisations like the TPA to divert blame away from their mistakes and onto the Town Halls, so I will take no lessons from them.

“The TPA is like a poor man’s Tea Party and it’s trying to stir up the same level of mistrust around public services.”

The statistics for Barnet Council show 17 officers earning more than �100,000 saw their pay raise in 2009/10, with increases ranging from 0.1 to 75 per cent. Some of these increases can be put down to promotions or posts only existing for part of 2008/09. It is also revealed that three of the council’s top dogs earned more than �200,000.

A Barnet council spokesman said: “Frankly a pretty poor list from the Tax Payers Alliance given that four of the individuals they name no longer work for the authority.

“The council has made 20 per cent savings within its senior management budget this year. This is being put back into our Big Society fund to support the voluntary sector in Barnet.”