The final party standings in the 4 May 2006 Camden Council elections are: Liberal Democrat 20 Labour 18 Conservative 14 Green 2 The overall turnout was 37.6 per cent. This was up from 28.5 per cent in the 2002 council elections. A t

The final party standings in the 4 May 2006 Camden Council elections are:Liberal Democrat 20 Labour 18 Conservative 14 Green 2The overall turnout was 37.6 per cent. This was up from 28.5 per cent in the 2002 council elections.A total of 54 seats were up for election in 18 wards (three per ward). There were 223 candidates in all. With 54 candidates from each of the following: Conservative Party, Green Party, Labour Party, and Liberal Democrat Party. The remaining seven were made up as follows: 4 Independents, 1 UK Independence Party, 1 Christian People's Alliance, 1 Respect - Against War and Privatisation.The new Mayor, Leader, Executive members, Overview and Scrutiny Committee and members of other committees like Development Control and Licensing will be agreed at a statutory Council meeting on 24 May.The votes cast for each candidate were (those elected in capitals):BELSIZETurnout 38.32%CHRISTOPHER BASSON (Lib Dem) 1,349ALEXIS ROWELL (Lib Dem) 1,358ARTHUR GRAVES (Lib Dem) 1,268Jonny Bucknell (Con) 1,233Piers Wauchope (Con) 1,205Sheila Gunn (Con) 1,187Sadashivrao Deshmukh (Lab) 471Matthew McGregor (Lab) 462Jenny Westaway (Lab) 410Jane Ennis (Green) 278Anya Courts (Green) 260Adam Spanier (Green) 207BLOOMSBURYTurnout 37.56%PENNY ABRAHAM Lab, 1,004 FALZUL CHOWDHERY, Lab, 928REBECCA HOSSACK, Cons, 898Peter Brayshaw Lab, 896Robert Morritt, Cons, 835Janice Lavery, Cons, 819Linus Rees, Green, 353Caroline Deys, Lib Dem, 344Ali Sharar Green, 329Steven Deller, Lib Dem, 323 George Graham, Green, 284 Philip Muser, Lib Dem, 282Andrew Halsey, Ind, 53CAMDEN TOWN WITH PRIMROSE HILLTurnout 42.07%CHRISTOPHER NAYLOR Lib Dem 1367PATRICIA CALLAGHAN Lab 1357 ELIZABETH CAMPBELL Lib Dem 1357John Lefley Lib Dem 1293Jake Sumner Lab 186Abdul Quadir Lab 1152 William Mitchell Con 527Alexander Norman Con 501Peter Horne Con 497Nicola Chatham Green 414Vincent Thurgood Green 356Hilary Wendt Green 313CANTELOWESTurnout 35.31%PAUL BRAITHWAITE Lib Dem 1193BENJAMIN RAWLINGS Lib Dem 1129FREDERIC CARVER Lib Dem 1101 John Doolan Lab 923Dermot Greene Lab 891Hilary Lowe Lab 884Elizabeth Green 497Francesca Bury Green 440Rachel Zatz Green 380Judith Barnes Con 372Richard Dollimore Con 334Carole Ricketts Con 305FORTUNE GREENTurnout 34.63%FLICK REA (Lib Dem) 1,446RUSSELL EAGLING (Lib Dem) 1,132JANE SCHOPFLIN (Lib Dem) 1,187Heather Downham (Con) 667Jean Hornbuckle (Con) 608Miles Seaman (Lab) 580Peter Denison-Pender (Con) 576Howard Dawber (Lab) 545Mohamoud Nur (Lab) 402Billy Murray (Green) 354Lucia Nella (Green) 305Benjamin Fox Smith (Green) 291FROGNAL AND FITZJOHNSTurnout 32.22%MARTIN DAVIES (Con) 1,603DAWN SOMPER (Con) 1,513ANDREW MENNEAR (Con) 1,500Diane Litman (Lib Dem) 453Alan Templeton (Lib Dem) 374Thomas Gardiner (Lab) 364Peter Sanderson (Lab) 353Charles Harris (Green) 331Luca Salice (Lab) 316Edward Ross (Green) 296Tatton Spiller (Green) 267Erich Wagner (Lib Dem) 342GOSPEL OAKTurnout 45.92%LINDSEY MITCHELL Con 1378 CHRIS PHILP Con 1333KEITH SEDGWICK Con 1297Sally Gimson Lab 1225Raj Chada Lab 1220Janet Guthrie Lab 1150Margaret Jackson-Roberts Lib Dem 519Laura Noel Lib Dem 461Josephine Karen Green 428Jane Walby Green 411Herbert Newbrook Lib Dem 373Richard Thomas Green 337HAMPSTEAD TOWNTurnout 49.16%MICHAEL GREENE (Con) 1,842KIRSTY ROBERTS (Con) 1,641CHRISTOPHER KNIGHT (Con) 1,605Edward Fordham (Lib Dem) 1,293Linda Chung (Lib Dem) 1,204Jonathan Fryer (Lib Dem) 980Hugh Michael Gracey (Lab) 446Josephine Bacon (Lab) 418Paul Tomlinson (Lab) 384Brian Gascoigne (Green) 328Charlotte Collins (Green) 287Una Sapietis (Green) 214Brian Kettell (Independent) 52HAVERSTOCKTurnout 38.26%JILL FRASER Lib Dem 1417SYED HOQUE 1118ROY SHAW Lab 1106Dudley Miles Lib Dem 1085Simon Horvat-Marcovic Lib Dem 1058Michael Katz Lab 1034Joan Stally Con 362Sue Charlesworth Green 351Robert Bahns Green 347Timothy Frost Con 338Ross McGregor Con 337Edward Milford Green 244HIGHGATETurnout 47.46%MAYA HELEN DE SOUZA Green 1336PAUL BARTON Con 1221ADRIAN OLIVER Green 1210Quentin Tyler Green 1159 Gary Benardout Con 1129Richard Merrin Con 1121Maggie Cosin Lab 1016George Queen Lab 922John Thane Lab 873Henry Potts Lib Dem 406Laura Watkins Lib Dem 356Philip Wainewright Lib Dem 325HOLBORN AND COVENT GARDENTurnout 31.74%SUSAN VINCENT (Lab) 1085JULIAN FULBROOK (Lab) 1,079BRIAN WOODROW (Lab) 988Alison Frost (Con) 810Timothy Barnes (Con) 758Philip Nelson (Con) 731Elizabeth Hanna (Lib Dem) 489Benedict Protheroe (Green) 449Stanley Grossman (Lib Dem) 417Grace Hodgkinson-Barrett (Green) 364Simieon Litman (Lib Dem) 347Stuart Houghton (Green) 319KENTISH TOWNTurnout 41.82%PHILIP THOMPSON Lib Dem 1421OMAR ANSARI Lib Dem 1268LUCY ANDERSON Lab 1213Ralph Scott Lib Dem 1198David Horan Lab 1087Sian Berry Green 1057Deirdre Krymer Lab 1042Edward Chatham Green 772Alexander Goodman Green 760Matthew Murphy Con 308Doreen Bartlett Con 306Graham Porter Con 271 KILBURNTurnout 34.67%DAVID ABRAHAMS (Lib Dem) 1,122JANET GRAUBERG (Lib Dem) 1,084JAMES KING (Lib Dem) 1,071Aileen Hammond (Lab) 1,008John Andrew Rolfe (Lab) 1,005Phil Turner (Lab) 985Andrew James Cossar (Con) 393Carlo Banchero (Con) 382John Collins (Green) 224Sophie Mustoe (Green) 214Miriam Natalie Elkan (Green) 188Samuel Gyimah (Con) 336KINGS CROSSTurnout 31.31%ABDUL HAI Lab 1071JONATHAN SIMPSON Lab 956GEETHIKA JAYATILAKA Lab 946Trevor Harris Lib Dem 662Huw Prior Lib Dem 627David Simmons Lib Dem 600Barbara Douglass Con 483Paul Christian Con 476Jamieson Hunkin Con 424Joy Wood Green 375Kate Gordon Green 360Neil Endicott Green 355Alem-Seged Abay Ind182REGENT'S PARKTurnout 36.81%NASIM ALI Lab 1329THEO BLACKWELL Lab 1204HEATHER JOHNSON 1172Michele Potel Con 814James Morris Con 804John Iredale Con 792Natalie Bennett Green 616Anne Brown Lib Dem 586Stephen Plowden Green 463Joel Derbyshire Green 434Lawrence Nicholson Lib Dem 424Richard Waddington Lib Dem 330ST PANCRAS AND SOMERS TOWNTurnout 39.00%ROGER ROBINSON Lab 1399NURAL ISLAM Lab 1264RUTH STEWART Lab 1212Nuruzzaman Hira Respect 781Mary Campbell Green 517Rohit Grover Con 440Margaret Finer Lib Dem 433Robert Ricketts Con 429Abdul Salam Con 422Richard Eden Green 369Charles Marquand Lib Dem 332Barbara Waddington Lib Dem 317Matthew Hodgkinson-Barrett Green 213Robert Austin Ind 181SWISS COTTAGETurnout 31.98%ANDREW MARSHALL (Con) 1,292ROGER FREEMAN (Con) 1,272DON WILLIAMS (Con) 1,243Katharine Bligh (Lab) 659Selman Ansari (Lab) 638Jillian Newbrook (Lib Dem) 543Charles Keal (Lab) 522Anne Charvet (Green) 435Harriet Sloane (Lib Dem) 405Sally Twite (Lib Dem) 400Lucy Wills (Green) 355Alan Wheatley (Green) 255Magnus Nielsen (UKIP) 63Alphonse Komesha (Christian Peoples Alliance) 25WEST HAMPSTEADTurnout 31.2%KEITH MOFFITT (Lib Dem) 1,189JOHN BRYANT (Lib Dem) 1,107DUNCAN GREENLAND (Lib Dem) 974Virginia Berridge (Lab) 672Geoffrey Kingscote (Lab) 598Charlie Hedges (Lab) 545Elaine Mackover (Con) 544John Samiotis (Con) 478Marcus Watzlaff (Con) 451Lucy Thomas (Green) 309Debra Green (Green) 300Kari-Lourdes Dewar (Green) 275

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