Boris Johnson says he has seen no plan to close Hampstead Police Station

London Mayor Boris Johnson has infuriated Labour London Assembly Member for Barnet and Camden Andrew Dismore by referring to some police stations as “stalags”.

At yesterday’s (Wednesday) Question Time at City Hall the Mayor, answering questions on the proposed closure of police stations said: “There is a desire to get the best possible value from the Met’s estate and where there are opportunities to get...more front line counters, police in hospitals, in fire stations, libraries, supermarkets rather than having some traditional great stalag of a police station.”

Mr Dismore says it was inappropriate to compare stations to prison camps and claims Mr Johnson has no intention of consulting residents over plans which could lead to the closure of Hampstead’s grade II listed Police station in Rosslyn Hill.

Mr Dismore said: “It shows how out of touch the mayor is over his secret plan to close police stations like Hampstead.”

The Mayor added that whatever decision was made about Hampstead, “adequate compensatory provision” would have to be found.

A spokesman for Mr Johnson added: “No proposal to close Hampstead Police Station has been put to the mayor. Should it be he will consult local representatives before taking any action.”