Belsize councillor Luisa Porritt confirmed in the race to be Lib Dem candidate for London mayor

Luisa Porritt was elected as an MEP in May last year. Picture: Emilie Gomez

Luisa Porritt was elected as an MEP in May last year. Picture: Emilie Gomez - Credit: Archant

Belsize councillor Luisa Porritt has been confirmed as one of two Liberal Democrats seeking to be selected as the party’s candidate for next year’s London mayoral elections.

Cllr Porritt, who took over as leader of Camden’s Lib Dem group on September 7 is up against Geeta Sidhu-Robb – a former vice-chair of the People’s Vote campaign and businesswoman.

The duo will face a month-long contest to decide who will take on candidates including Labour’s incumbent Sadiq Khan, Shaun Bailey of the Conservative Party and fellow Camden councillor Sían Berry who is standing for the Green Party.

READ MORE: Camden Lib Dem leader Flick Rea steps down in favour of Luisa PorrittCllr Porritt was briefly an MEP – and deputy leader of the Lib Dem group of MEPs – serving from June 2019 until January this year, when Brexit meant the UK lost its representation in Brussels and Strasbourg.

Welcoming the campaign, she said: “Sadiq Khan has let down Londoners who needed him to help them get on the housing ladder, detoxify our polluted air and make our young people feel safe. Londoners won’t waste votes on a Tory candidate fighting threats to oust him. As mayoral candidate, I will bring my experience and energy to drive the Liberal Democrat campaign for a greener, safer and fairer London.”

The successful candidate will be announced on October 13.