Litter officer’s claims that staff were told to target minorities dismissed

Litter in London

Litter in London - Credit: PA

A hearing over unfair dismissal claims by a former litter enforcement officer who said he was told to target ethnic minorities with fines has been vacated after the allegations were dismissed.

Gary Forrester, 39, previously told an employment tribunal that staff at Kingdom Services Group were under “daily threat” of being fired if they did not issue enough fixed penalty notices (FPNs) and were told to go after minorities because they were less inclined to query them or to understand UK law.

A remedy hearing scheduled for Friday was vacated after Mr Forrester’s claim that he was wrongly dismissed for blowing the whistle about the alleged activities was dismissed.

The tribunal also dismissed his other allegations, of unfair dismissal and racial discrimination.

Mr Forrester, of Bromley, worked for Kingdom from February to November 2020 and was usually based in Barnet.

John Roberts, the head of local authority support at Kingdom, previously told the East London Employment Tribunal that the allegations made by Mr Forrester did not “stack up” people needed to understand what was happening so payments of fines would go through.