‘Antisemitism is a sickening cancer’ says Labour Party campaigner Owen Jones during Camden visit

Columnist, author and campaigner Owen Jones was in Camden on Saturday, supporting the Labour candida

Columnist, author and campaigner Owen Jones was in Camden on Saturday, supporting the Labour candidates for Frognal and Fitzjohns - Credit: Harry Taylor

Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun. Or so the saying goes. However it was only Camden’s political activists and left-wing campaigner Owen Jones who braved the snow on a freezing Saturday morning.

Mr Jones was in Hampstead as part of his ‘unseat’ campaign running across the country.

The day’s event was the only part of the campaign taking place in a Labour borough, with Jones knocking on doors in Frognal and Fitzjohns in support of Labour candidates Gail McAnena Wood, Rebecca Shirazi and Richard Chadwick.

Talking to the Ham&High before the day’s campaigning, Mr Jones said one of the reasons he was hitting streets in the area was to help get rid of three Brexit supporting candidates with a poor record of holding surgeries.

He said: “What people are voting for is individual candidates, who are best to champion your community, and these three will make fantastic, determined councillors. Camden voted overwhelmingly remain, and Frognal and Fitzjohns has three Brexiteer Tory candidates.

“I’m also aware the current councillors aren’t holding regular surgeries , and that’s neglecting their responsibilities to the people who elected them.”

Hours later, he meets a couple in Belsize Avenue who are from Belgium and Holland.

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They tell him they are voting Labour because of the Conservative’s Brexit stance.

However it wasn’t all good news for Labour activists.

One group were told to get off the doorstep, because of antisemitism within the party.

West Hampstead councillor Phil Rosenberg has previously spoken out about antisemitism within the Hampstead and Kilburn local branch of the party.

Mr Jones acknowledged there was an issue with a minority within in the party, but said there should be a “ceaseless war” on antisemitism.

“It is a sickening cancer wherever it is.

“We need to take an uncompromising stance on antisemitism, including people on the left who have indulged in tropes and conspiracy theories.

“No Jewish person in Britain should feel scared or frightened. We need to do far more to win the trust of Jewish people.

“If Labour has any mission or project, it is a ceaseless war on any form of exploitation, or bigotry.

“If you are antisemitic, you will be driven out of the Labour Party.,” he said.