Letter on proposed Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

Thursday 27th May 2021. Haringey Council AGM. Photo: David Mirzoeff

Cllr Mike Hakata is tackling the climate emergency - Credit: David Mirzoeff

The LTNs

Vicki Leonard, Winton Avenue, Bounds Green, writes:

As a resident of one of Haringey’s proposed low traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs), I read with surprise Mike Hakata, Haringey’s councillor with responsibility for environment, describe the council as having undertaken a “trailblazing engagement and co-design exercise” (Ham&High).

I and others have tried to engage with this process but the consultation was predetermined, with the only outcomes being what the council calls “filters” and what ordinary people call “roadblocks”. We have been presented with three different ways of creating one way systems through  road closures, either with cameras or planters.

This is not consultation as we know it. I am now part of a group properly consulting with residents. 

Our petition calls for the abandonment of all three options with a proper discussion of ways of dealing with the rat run traffic, while not impeding the lives of residents. 
Of the roads we have petitioned so far, over 90% of residents are against the council’s plans.