Letter on bulk rubbish collection

Max de Morais in pre-Brexit bathtub on a Camden pavement

Max de Morais in pre-Brexit bathtub on a Camden pavement - Credit: Max de Morais

Old furniture, baths and bulky rubbish

Marx de Morais, South Hampstead, full address supplied, writes:

Prepare yourself: A new tidal wave of old furniture, bathtubs and other rotting rubbish is on its way to overrun Camden’s pedestrian walkways.

Have you tried booking a bulky waste collection in Camden lately? Not a chance! Without really informing the public about it, Camden has suspended bulky waste collection. 

What do those of us who don’t have a car do? They are penalised by the oh so environmentally friendly Camden for being environmentally friendly. What do our elderly and disabled do?
Not a thing, who would expect Camden to give a damn.

When asked about this, the cabinet member responsible for a Sustainable Camden, Cllr Adam Harrison, plays the well known blame game. Where would we be if, for once, those in authority in Camden took responsibility? 

It would have been suspended because “Brexit has made this situation”. Of course, we have a few special problems because of Brexit, I know that as a vivid remainer. But at some point you have to live with reality and deal with things instead of refusing to do so all the time. I have just returned from Italy and Germany, where there is also a problem with HGV drivers, but despite this, the decision-makers there have managed to maintain a few basic needs of local residents through a sense of responsibility. Like, oh wonder, a functioning waste disposal system. 

But a much weightier argument lies right on Camden’s doorstep. In the boroughs of Westminster and Barnet, for example, bulky waste collection works perfectly. So, it does work in the UK, just not in Camden. One last point, at the risk of sounding cheeky, we all know that Camden’s rubbish problems haven’t just been around since Brexit. In the photo, you see me in a pre-Brexit bathtub, happily bobbing around Camden. Yes, take it with humour and ride the wave of rubbish coming your way.  

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