No right turn ‘Scrooge’: Ex-judge furious over Christmas Day penalty notice


A retired judge from Hampstead is furious after being caught out by a “no right turn” rush hour rule – on Christmas Day.

Barrington Black, who most recently served as a supreme court judge in Gibraltar, said he was “livid” at being hit by the penalty notice, but paid £60 to avoid it being doubled by the “Scrooge” council.

He told the Ham&High: “It’s ridiculous. Christmas Day’s a bank holiday and the buses don’t even run.”

Barrington was driving home at about 7pm and turned off the Finchley Road down Briardale Gardens.

This junction is subject to a no right turn regulation each weekday from 6am to 10.30am, and 3pm to 8.30pm. Christmas Day was a Tuesday (albeit also a holiday).

Barnet Council, which enforces the rule, said: “The signage clearly states the times during which these restrictions are in operation, and motorists are required to adhere to these. Any driver wishing to challenge or appeal a penalty charge notice can do so by writing to the council.”