Jamie Oliver’s children say their mum Jools is like the character Monica from Friends because of her OCD

Jools Oliver

Jools Oliver - Credit: Archant

Model and mum-of-four Jools Oliver is married to celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, and has lived in Primrose Hill for ten years. As well as bringing up her children, Jools has launched the Little Bird collection of toys, clothes and bedding for Mothercare and published Minus Nine to One: The Diary of an Honest Mum and a children’s book, The Adventures of Dotty and Bluebell.

What brought you to Primrose Hill?

We are originally from Essex, but when we moved to London we wanted to be near the route home as we travel home every Friday for the weekend.

What do you love most about Primrose Hill?

I love the wonderful view from our bedroom. We are opposite the park and the trees, hills and pathways look like you could be anywhere. Yet we can walk into the centre of town in 20 minutes. Having lived here for over 10 years we know all the local shopkeepers and it just feels like home.

What would you get up to on a day off in Primrose Hill?

I would definitely spend half of it in Regent’s Park. It’s so beautiful. I would love a picnic near the Rose Garden with all the children, then a game of rounders with friends until the sun set and if there is time, go to Regent’s Park open air theatre just with Jamie and some hot chocolate

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What would you like to see changed in Primrose Hill?

There is nothing I would change. But if only I could transport the children’s schools from their areas to Primrose Hill that may ease the school run stress!

As editor of the Ham&High, what would you like to see reported?

I would love every school to teach food education. It’s so important. Diet-related disease is one of the biggest causes of death globally. It’s shocking and I just don’t understand why this simple move is not being executed. The only way we will change anything is if we start with our next generation and education is key!

A film is set to be made about your life. Which actor would you choose to play you and why?

I would like to think it would be someone like Julia Roberts but I just asked my children and they all said Monica from Friends. I think it might have something to do with my OCD!!!

Who is the most inspiring person you have ever met?

My mum is the most inspiring person in the world. She looked after and cared for our dad for 15 years and was the most amazing wife and mother throughout and still is. Her level of commitment, kindness and loyalty is something I have never witnessed in anyone else and probably never will.

Jools Oliver was in conversation with Emily Banks.