Israeli government PR manager committed suicide after facing redundancy

A PR manager for the Israeli government killed herself in her Maida Vale flat after finding out she faced redundancy, a coroner has ruled.

Melissa Ramsden was found slumped by the side of her bed on December 22 last year, Westminster Coroner’s Court heard last Wednesday (September 12).

The court was told in a suicide note, left at her flat in Fernhead Road, Maida Vale, she said: “I don’t have the energy to carry on. I have run out of any energy. My life seems to just exist from one mess to the next.

“Thank you to everyone who has tried to make my life better. To all those at work who bullied me, I hope those people get what they deserve through Karma.”

Her friend Jawal Hammoudan, who discovered her body when he came to feed her cat, said: “She was absolutely fine, she was quite happy. She was looking forward to seeing her family up near Manchester.

“I went over to her house that evening, expecting her to be gone. I heard the radio was on in the bedroom, and went into it, switched the lights on and found her in the corner.

“She was sitting between her bed and a small chest of drawers. I didn’t want to believe she was dead but I knew that she was.”

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Westminster Coroner’s Court heard that Miss Ramsden worked for the Israel Government Tourist Office (IGTO), but had been told her position as PR manager was no longer required.

The 37-year-old, who had previously suffered from bulimia and addictions to alcohol, cannabis, and crack cocaine, overdosed on tablets.

A statement from the IGTO said: “On August 1 she was informed that the position of PR manger would no longer exist, as part of a restructuring programme,

“She was being considered for other positions but was deemed not to have suitable experience.

“On August 5 she made a formal allegations against her manager. An investigation was underway but the conclusions had not yet been reached.”

Recording a verdict of suicide, coroner, Dr Fiona Wilcox said: “Her actions appear to have been clear and considered.

“I note that she had a number of ongoing issues and that she was facing the possible loss of employment.”